1. Establish guidelines for staff development including evaluation and promotion.

  2. Develop and coordinate faculty professional development programs.

  3. Coordinate learning resources and opportunities to promote students’ learning outcomes.

  4. Develop innovative and technological pedagogical practices and assessments.

  5. Conduct research to better capture the needs of teaching staff and students at UIC and the broader communities that we serve.

  6. Provide professional advice to the senior management based on the results of ongoing and semester-end teaching and learning assessment results.

  7. Collaborate with HKBU Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning and other international organizations to promote teaching excellence through joint learning and faculty professional development activities, grants and fellowship applications, as well as promotion of scholarship in teaching and learning.

  8. Provide consulting services and serve as a resource hub for answering questions about effective teaching and learning practices and applications of assessment.

  9. Increase the domestic and international visibility of CTL as a leader in college teaching and pedagogical innovation through engaging with academic groups and associations.

  10. Support the UIC-funded international scholarly journal Innovative Teaching and Learning.