How do you get your paper published? Key insights from an editor's views

University scholars have a common concern no matter what programme or direction they are focusing on: how can their papers be accepted by journal editors and published? Constructive recommendation on criteria and revision of journal publication from an editor’s perspectives can benefit academia and authors themselves.

Following the impressive research plans introduced by the Action Research Team of ELLS and ELC, the second Lunchtime Research Sharing Session invited Dr. Yi-Lung KUO, Director of Centre of Teaching and Learning, and the associate professor in Applied Psychology to share his view as an editor on publishing in the UIC-funded international scholarly journal Innovative Teaching and Learning (ITL) and personal tips of college teaching at UIC on March 19 in T2-301, to develop more insightful views for college scholars and staff who are inclined to contribute themselves in an ever-changing research world, and who are well-prepared to take the initiative to make innovative changes in students’ learning.

Dr. KUO shared his views of publishing with College staff.

Dr. KUO indicated ITL reviewer guidelines, including overall rating system from 1 (lowest) to 100 (highest), manuscript rating questions such as rating on appropriateness and reproducibility of methodology with sufficient and clear information, and reviewer comments to author and editor. Recommendation of papers submission under different conditions has also been identified.

College teaching “tricks” and Dr. KUO’s personal tips have also been kindly reminded to young teaching faculty who newly joined the College and innovative staff members who are breaking new ground in mode changes of teaching.

College staff members are welcome to share their research whether it is a published one or an ongoing project seeking advice.

Reporter: Sylvia Hou (DHSS)

Editor: Frank Chen (GAD)

Last Updated: May 10, 2021