Use of iSpace

UIC iSpace is an e-learning platform, also a Learning Management System (LMS), or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).It was built by Moodle. It is very effective for educators to use iSpace to create online learning courses.As a resource hub, we develop an iSpace site “CTL Teaching and Learning Resources” where all UIC staff could enrol themselves and access all T&L resources. Attached is the instruction (4 steps) for your reference. 

 How to Access CTL T&L Resources on iSpace.pdf

Videos for Use of  iSpace

1. How to use Quiz function for questions with fixed answer in iSpace

2. How to edit the outlook setting in iSpace

3. How to use Quiz function for essay writing with rubric in iSpace

4. How to use Assignment function in iSpace

5. How to use Resources function in iSpace

6. How to use Feedback function in iSpace